THE-ROSE-PORTRAITRose Bretécher is a writer and author based in London. She’s written about mental health and youth issues for publications like the Guardian, The Independent, Vice, Marie Claire and the Observer New Review.

In 2013 Rose wrote a cover feature for Guardian Weekend about her life with a type of OCD which causes intrusive sexual and violent thoughts. Two years later, Unbound and Penguin Random House published Rose’s memoir on the same subject, Pure. It has been featured in The Times, Glamour, The Evening Standard, The Daily Mail and more.

Rose is on the board of, a new non-profit resource that’s using advertising agency rigour – analytics, UX, graphic design – to redefine how sufferers of mental illness research their symptoms. At the time of writing, the site is reaching over 70,000 global visitors from over 100 countries.

Rose’s short fiction has been published by Under The Influence magazine and Somesuch Stories. Her latest story appears alongside pieces by Paul Weller, John Niven and Julie Burchill in My Old Man (Canongate, 2016), an anthology of writings from children to their fathers. Rose has made broadcast appearances on Sky News, BBC Woman’s Hour and BBC Radio 1.