Please help me get to SXSW 2017

I’m in the running to speak about tech and mental health at #SXSW2017, and I need your votes to get me there. It’d be brilliant if you could drop me a thumbs up. Thanks so much!


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In 2013 I wrote a feature for the Guardian about my life with a deeply taboo form of OCD that causes intrusive sexual and violent thoughts – a hidden illness that’d never before been aired in mainstream media.

When I later crowdfunded my book on the same subject, I received an extremely generous donation from a stranger. It turned out that stranger was entrepreneur Aaron Harvey, the founder of a successful digital agency in New York. Aaron had been living in silence with the same condition for over 20 years. ‘I didn’t feel any relief until I came upon Rose’s article,’ Aaron said, ‘she forever changed, if not saved, my life.’

Galvanised, Aaron used his strategy, design and analytics expertise to found, a groundbreaking new resource for people with OCD. Then it was my turn to be inspired – it’s highly technical, highly creative brains like Aaron’s that will change the way the world thinks about mental health in the future.

With our common goal to create accessible, beautiful content and products that humanise mental illness, Aaron and I are now working together, between London and NY, exploring new ways to push mental health awareness forward through art and tech.

We want to continue our conversation at SXSW 2017, so we’re proposing a two-person panel discussion called ‘It’s Here: The Tech Future of Mental Health’. It’d be brilliant if you could help us get there by voting.

Thanks again.

Rose x